Medical Transcription

Sanvill offers end-to-end revenue cycle management services right from when the patient calls to schedule an appointment till the time you are paid and beyond that too. We take care of all the aspects of RCM effectively with a guarantee to increase your revenue and lowering your cost ultimately doubling profits.

Our team of dedicated coders and billers guided by skilled team leaders make sure that each and every service that the provider has rendered is properly coded and accounted for, and paid for to the maximum.

If You Are Stuck With We Have Solution For You
Χ Non-productive workforce √ Increased collections to 8% to 10%
Χ Denied claims being piled up √ Average days in A/R less than 45 days.
Χ High accounts receivables √ Less than 15% of A/R above 120 days
Χ Increased operational costs √ Electronic filing.
Χ Reduced patient cash flow √ Timely payments.
Χ Trying unsuccessfully to catch up with complex and ever-changing insurance regulations/Patient Registration √ Processing cost reduced by 30 %-50 %
- √ HIPAA compliant
- √ 100% Transparency

Our end to end Revenue Cycle Management solutions offers customized service in :

• Patient Demographics.

• Insurance Verification

• Medical Coding

• Claim Submission, Charge Entry and Payment Posting.

• Account Receivables and Denial Management.

• Customized Coding and Billing services for different Specialities.