Data Classification

Data Classification

Data Classification is the process of organizing, systemizing data into well planned systemized categories for its easy identification and retrieving for its most effective and efficient utilization. Sanvill offers UNSPSC Classification Services in India, HCPCS Classification Services in India, Product Classification Services in India, Data Classification services.

Benefits of Data Classification :

• Provide better understanding of the procurement and spending

• Uniform system for data classification into segments, family, class and commodities

• Automatic collection and analyzing the spend data

• Leverage volume and centralizing procurement function for better pricing

• Reduction in spending on off-contract at higher prices

• Decrease in inventory through better standardization

Sanvill provide better solutions for Healthcare Data Classification. We are in the field of healthcare procurement and Spend Data Management since last 8 years. Our team is well versed in Master Data Classification such as UNSPSC, NAICS and SIC.


UNSPSC Classification stands for United Nations Standard Products and Service Code.

UNSPSC is an open standard providing taxonomy classification of products and services. The classification system is publicly available and structured in the hierarchical base.

UNSPSC classification system constructed in Segment, Family, Class and Commodity.

UNSPSC system facilitates sales function through better route level classification drill down the focus to exact products. UNSPSC classification ultimately helps in improvement of the financial health of the organization through

• Rationalizing vendors

•Standardizing products

•Better understanding of the volume leads to better negotiation of the price

•Enhance purchase efficiency.


NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System is the standard used for the collection, analyzing of the product data.


SIC means Standard Industrial Classification for classifying industries in four-digit codes.

Here Industries are classified in Industry group, major group and divisions.