Refining Value-based care with Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics in Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Management system is the backbone of any healthcare organization, still many healthcare providers facing challenges in effectively and correctly billing patients for their services. But the next generation advancements like Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics will change the future of revenue cycle management.


Leveraging AI will throw extra light on the outcomes of the clinical side. Practices can focus not only on the objectives of care where they provide better services to the patients but also it helps to understand patient population in better way and allows practices to offer them financially beneficial programs with incentives that align with their population.


Patient satisfaction is the upmost important part in any healthcare revenue cycle management process. Using comprehensive data and analytics helps to improve end-to-end patient’s journey with streamlined operations, improving payer performance and accurate visibility of each patient and their needs. Leveraging patient’s credit data will increase patient satisfaction by personalizing billing experience and financial performance of healthcare organization.


Increase technology usage in healthcare arena makes providers better organized ultimately reduces cost to collect in registration, charge entry, patient scheduling, information management and medical billing. Intelligent technology also facilitates dialogues between patients and physicians regarding out-of-pocket costs and alternative treatments specific to each patient before and during the course of the treatment. Cost impacts the most to the patient in term of treatment decision, an open discussion with the patient before treatment improves healthcare experience for the patients and also help in the collection of revenue.


The major lacking of healthcare organization is the sophisticated analytical platform to get clear picture of their revenue generation and expenses for ancillary services, like the revenue collected from the patients and payers for performing various services like laboratory etc and the cost they offer to them. Analytics will provide the same with accurately pinpoint the opportunities for additional profits along with valuable information regarding the value-based contracts provide them best returns.

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