Spine Surgery Medical Billing

With experience in various Orthopaedic specialities and sub-specialties, we excel in Spine Surgery medical billing. With increase in spine surgeries, a dedicated billing service for spine surgeries is needed. Delivering superior quality spinal surgeries and patient care is a very complicated task for the Orthopaedic surgeons. The number of surgeries in hospitals has gone up and so the documentation, coding, and billing requirements are higher than ever.

Sanvill is a prominent medical billing company in India with expertise in providing medical coding globally. Correct documentation and the right coding while billing is important for smooth reimbursement process. A better quality of patient care in spine surgeries is of topmost importance. To pay off the superior quality healthcare service, a proficient billing and coding company is needed by the healthcare providers.

Medical Coding and Billing Services for Spine Surgeries

Spine surgeries are needed to treat various ailments related to the spine. We efficiently bill for the spine surgeons covering all the different concepts and services.

1. Consultation

2. Initial patient care

3. Patient enrolment

4. Surgical procedure

5. Anaesthetic procedure

6. Post-surgical patient care

7. Submission of claims and follow-ups

8. AR management

9. Appealing to denied claims

10. Regular updates and reporting

We bill for all the below spine surgeries and related procedures.

1. Spinal fusion

2. Foraminotomy

3. Laminectomy

4. Spinal disc replacement

5. Discectomy

6. Kyphoplasty

We know when to apply inpatient and outpatient consultation codes for correct documentation for reimbursements.

Our qualified coders are acquainted with all the details of a spinal surgery. Wego into details of the vertebral segments and interspaces. The documentation of the add-on codes and modifiers are also done appropriately with right coding. The right decompression codes are identified if the decompression is performed for diagnosis. The right coding for spinal fusion is identified and applied for anterior, interbody, posterior or a combination of all these.

Why Sanvill is Best for Spinal Surgeries Medical Billing

Sanvill is currently providing medical billing, revenue cycle management, and reimbursements for spine care hospitals. Applying just right CPT codes is a complicated task. You might lose revenue in the absence of skilful coders and billers. While undercoding may lead to revenue loss, overcoming may lead to claim denials and audits.

Besides many in-depth details of the surgical procedure and the instrumentation and methods used, it is important to know the graft. Either structural or morselized procedureis used. The coders also need to know the types of bone grafts to apply the correct CPT code for the spine surgery medical billing.

To succeed as a competitive spine surgeon or spine hospital, it is important to have correct documentation, coding, billing, and reporting. Proper reimbursements ensure the hospitals will continue to give high-quality healthcare. Any kind of disruptions in the regular flow of cash may harm the smooth functioning of the hospitals.

Sanvill offers most competitive prices and convenient short-term contracts for spinal surgery billings. We ensure that your claims for surgeries and inpatient and outpatient consultations have minimal denials by the insurance companies.