SIC Classification

SIC Classification

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), numerical classification system assigned by U.S. government for identification of the primary business establishment. SIC system helps in collection, presentation and analysis of data; and also to present collected statistical data with uniformity and comparability.

Importance of SIC:

• Provides more specific and comprehensive business listing

• Better segmenting of markets helps in market campaign and customer research

• Tax classification

• Collection and analysis of industry data quickly and effectively

SIC Classification system:

Classification Level Digit Example
Division 20-39 - Manufacturing
Major Group Two 25 – Furniture and Fixture
Industry Group Three 252 – Office Furniture
Industry Four 2521 – Wood Office Furniture

Example: Microsoft

Classification Level Digit Example
Division 70-89 Services
Major Group 73 Business Services
Industry Group 737 Computer Programming, Data Processing, And Other Computer Related Services
Industry 7372 Prepackaged Software

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