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Radiology deals with electronic imaging and magnetic imaging for complex diagnosis. Sanvill understands all the radiological examinations and right coding for radiology medical billing. We offer EMR/HER integrated radiology billing services. Clients benefit with our right combination of commitment and professional expertise. While our commitment is parallel to your own team, our expertise is unmatched in the industry.

Radiology medical billing brings wonderful results to any diagnostic centre when automated. We have designed an ideal work process to deliver best billing services to the radiologists. We use the advanced billing software and also own most experienced coding professionals. The results are not only quick but also possess thehighest level of accuracy.

Radiology Billing Services

The Radiology medical specialityuses MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray, and PET for interpreting diseases within tissues and bones. Providing flawless diagnostics to the patients and also managing thestress of billing and coding can be terrific for any radiologist.

By providing following billing for all the below radiology services, we let you focus on your core business.

We provide services to clinical laboratories, imaging centres, hospitals, and other diagnostic facilities.

1. Patient enrolment

2. Insurance details

3. Verification and authorization for insurance

4. Applying medical coding

5. Billing

6. Cash posting

7. AR management

8. Follow-ups and collections

We also meet your unique demands by customizing our billing process. Sanvill is a team of certified radiology coding experts with vast experience in coding and billing. Our proficiency in using advanced billing applications make your billing process speedy. With our knowledge of latest coding updates, we ensure error-free billing and coding for radiology clinics.

Why Professional Radiology Billing is Important

Billing radiological examinations is challenging and different. Radiologists perform aphysical examination, consultation, and imaging technological examination. Interventional radiology is also involved in the practice. Accurate radiology coding forms the foundation of appropriate and accurate revenues for the examinations conducted.

It might be difficult to hire expert coders. Hiring in-house experienced radiology coders can prove very costly and tedious. In between, withdrawals and absence of your expert staff can cause you a downtime in your billings and collections. This hinders your revenue management adversely affects your practice.

Radiology CPT codes can be categorized into professional and technical types. As an expert radiology medical billing company, we use appropriate modifiers to ensure maximum revenue for the doctors. While radiologists consult and perform the test, the technicians carry out or assist in examinations. However accurate coding for radiology billing is altogether a whole different game. It requires knowledge of CPT codes. We also provide ICD 10 coding for the medical practices.

Poor billing and coding can cost huge loss to the radiologists. The high-quality services of Sanvill pay off with a great room for profits. The proficient billers at Sanvill thrive to collect maximum revenues through right coding and quick billing and follow-ups. Sanvill also demonstrates a high level of compliance ratio with in-depth knowledge of the regulations in terms of coding and billing process. The team is well-versed in handling common and complex bottlenecks in the way of collections, billing, and claiming.