Psychiatric and Mental Health Billing and Coding Outsourcing

Now it is possible to stay relaxed about your tedious billing tasks of Psychiatry clinics. Sanvill brings affordable coding and billing solutions for psychiatric and mental health clinics. A psychiatric segment of healthcare involves complex psychotherapeutic procedures and evaluation methods. It is a challenging task to execute error-free coding and billing work for the Psychiatrists. But it is our core business and we excel in it without costing exorbitantly.

Best Psychiatry Medical Coding and Billing

We will manage to bill and follow-ups with the insurers. We offer billing and coding solutions for individual psychiatrists, mental health hospitals, clinics, and psychological counselling and therapy centres.

Our efficient team of certified coders have deep knowledge of ICD-9 and ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, and modifiers.

We accurately apply appropriate:

• Psychiatry diagnostic codes

• Psychological therapeutic codes

• Behaviour assessment codes

• Standard and state-specific, insurer specific HCPCS codes

We bill for all the mental health-related therapeutic and diagnostic procedures like:

1. Family therapy and group therapy

2. Psychoanalysis of patients or groups

3. Psychiatric evaluation and assessments

4. Medication

5. Autism and bipolar disorder

6. Somatic symptom disorder

7. Language disorder

8. Consultations and counselling

9. All other psychological disorders and

10. behavioural disorder procedures

Post-coding, codes are validated for guaranteed accuracy. The output is quick reimbursements from the payers.

Highlights of our Mental Health Coding

Our coders and billers guarantee precise documentation for psychotherapies. Each and every detail is covered including duration of therapy, number of sessions, and monitoring methods. We are equally expert in coding and billing group psychotherapies. Right from cognitive skill assessment, behaviour assessment, and interactive sessions, every detailis documented.

Key Features of our Medical Coding Services are here for you to have a glance at.

1. Using latest software for medical billing and coding

2. Guaranteed quality checks after coding

3. TAT as per individual requirements

4. Digitally secure data with strong encryption technology

5. Complete technical support if required

6. No long-term contracts are mandatory

7. Enjoy short-term contracts and coding backlog solutions

Billing is an important task as your revenue cycle depends on the same. After accurate coding, the billing is carried out to settle your collections and claims at a rapid pace.

Psychiatry Medical Billing Services

The experienced billers at Sanvill are expert in handling different specialities in the segment of mental healthcare.

Some of the best services our billers of psychiatry medical billing specialize in are :

• Secure electronic submission of claims

• Revenue cycle management

• Coding with ICD-10 and CPT and DCM

• Collections

• Customized weekly or monthly reporting

• Compliance with HIPAA and other regulations

Hiring in-house coders can be a tedious task. It involves lots of processes like hiring, evaluating, employee management, and employee training and supervising. Sanvill relieves you of all this hassles and responsibilities.

With our expert services at your reach, you can concentrate on improving your productivity and practice. You have more time and focus to care for your patients. Our billers are experienced in customized billing patterns and followups for the claims. By hiring Sanvill medical coding and billing for Psychiatric and mental health facilities, hundreds of psychiatrists and mental hospitals are having a hassle-free life.