Paediatrics Medical Billing and Coding

Paediatric is a crucial speciality involved with care and treatment of children. However, the financial solidarity of any paediatric clinic or hospital depends on timely billing and settlements. Sanvillis providing paediatric billing services and owns a large team of in-house coders. The coders are highly experienced in paediatric billing. With our expertise, knowledge, and experience, we are able to handle alarge volumeof paediatric billing and coding.

Caring and treating young ones is a daunting task. As a good paediatric or paediatric clinic, it is important to hire a good billing company. Give yourself a peace of mind with Sanvill’s proficient services in coding and billing.

Medical Billing Services for Paediatricians

Diverse paediatric services of Sanvill covers billing and coding for all the below paediatric healthcare problems.

1. General Paediatric Care and nutrition services

2. Vaccines

3. Paediatric Cardiology

4. Paediatric Diabetes

5. Paediatric Endocrinology

6. Paediatric Nephrology

7. Gastroenterology

8. Pulmonology

9. Behavioural Psychology

10. Paediatric Neurology

11. Paediatric Dental Care

12. Paediatric Oncology

13. Infectious Diseases

14. Paediatric Surgeries

15. ICU and NICU care

Besides above, we bill for all other paediatric care and treatment. The services are extended to the independent paediatricians, paediatric hospitals, specialities, clinics, and multi-speciality hospitals.

• Faster and optimum payments

• 24x7 support for theavailability of patient data

• Efficient practice management for reporting

• Services by trained and experienced billers

• Skilful handling of denied claims

• Advanced software for billing

• Fully electronic claims management

• Account Receivable Management

• Regular follow-ups for timely settlements

• Very friendly prices and customized contract periods

Sanvill has theabundant expertise and ability to handle multi-location and multiphysician paediatric practices. Excellent customer service and aggressive collections help you grow your practice with peace of mind.

Why Sanvill for Paediatric Billing Servicesl

Paediatric billing has acomplex and vast number of different billing requirements. Some of the highlights of our services are here-

Right coding

Right from nebulizing to vaccines and surgeries, we know coding for all the procedures and treatments. Our expert coders use the right code and NDC number for right payment.

Minimum claim denial

We thrive to follow all the general rules and coding regulations to ensure that the insurance claims are accepted at the very first attempt only. With minimum denials and quick revenue cycle, our professional paediatric billing company is helping doctors to focus on child care.

Affordable Prices

As we aim at delivering best services with best prices, we are a cost-effective billing solution for our clients. Our excellent state-of-the-art billing software and electronic claims reduce your office expenses. Without a need for hiring inhouse staff and costly software, clients have access to thesuperior quality professional billing system.

Along with accurate coding and billing, we maintain timely reporting as scheduled by the client. Detailed reports and patient statements are submitted at the end of the month. Whether you are a hospital or a multi-specialty facility, our services save your costs, time, and efforts with guaranteed high-quality services of paediatric billing.