Pathology and Laboratory Billing

Pathological laboratories and other medical diagnostic laboratories have to handle a large number of tests and examinations. With increased regulations and advanced payment models, revenue cycle management is needed. An in-house billing or any ordinary billing company cannot fulfil your goals. A professional approach to billing is must for effective and timely revenue.

Sanvill is an industry leading in medical billing for all the specialities. Likewise many other medical billing, Sanvill also holds expertise in pathology and laboratory billing. Sanvill specializes in fulfilling billing with utmost support like your own team. We have designed best billing solutions to help the laboratories to optimize their revenues and reduce their costs. Laboratories and individual pathologists are able to work without worrying about regulations and billing.

Clinical Laboratory Billing

Sanvill offers accurate pathology and laboratory billing services for clinical laboratories and diagnostic centres. Our trained and certified coders are able to bill for all the procedures with correct coding. All the examinations, tests, and diagnostic procedures are covered to ensure that you do not incur any loss due to insufficient billing and wrong codings.

We bill for all the examinations meant for prevention and detection of the diseases.

Clinical Laboratory Procedures Covered

1. Biological and microbiological tests

2. Serological and chemical examinations

3. Immunohemato logical procedures

4. Biophysical tests

5. Cytological and pathological tests

All the above examinations are conducted with the samples derived from a patient to detect the presence of disease.

Diagnostic Laboratory billing covers following procedures

1. Surgical pathology

2. Hematology

3. Blood banking services

4. Specific cytopathology

Billing systems can easily convert the code to the correct billing. Being one of the most recognized medical billing companies for pathologists and laboratories, we streamline your revenue cycle. We follow ICD-10 codes for appropriate billing of all the procedures performed at the laboratory.

Types of Medical Billing for Laboratories

Pathological laboratories need to raise bills and invoices to patients or clients, doctors, hospitals, and other third parties. We take up all the below types of billings for medical laboratories.

1. Client billing for laboratories – Monthly or customized billing to clients of laboratories. We bill to the hospitals or clinics or doctors. Our billing incorporates all the patient details and procedure details.

2. Patient Billing – We provide billing for the patients with the complete patient demographic details. We perform billing for the patients or directly for their insurance companies

3. Third Party Billing – Billing services to raise bills to the third party companies and insurance agencies are provided with appropriate coding. Our billers are expert in reading test requisitions and able to identify ICD-100CM coding for all the diagnostic procedures.

All our billing comes with accurate CPT coding. We periodically verify all the CPT codes and keep ourselves abreast with the changing norms in coding.

With years of experience in medical billing, Sanvill is one of the largest team of expert pathology and laboratory coders. We stay updated with the latest regulatory changes in laboratory procedures and coding. Error-free billing with right coding is the hallmarks of our services. For high-quality services, we have developed a standard procedure with theflexibility of customization as per client’s individual needs.