Ophthalmology Medical Billing

An ophthalmology medical billing service from Sanvill has made life easy for hundreds of Ophthalmologists. We are a team of expert Ophthalmology medical coders who understand the speciality thoroughly. We know when to place the bill, when to bill for routine medical eye examinations and how to apply right modifiers and codes.

All the simple tasks and complex challenges of the ophthalmology medical coding and billing are understood by Sanvill’s experienced coders. With our accurate and timely services, we improve the performance of your reimbursements. Quick payment inflows make the functioning of your clinics extremely easy.

Ophthalmological Medical Billing Services

We provide medical billing services for individual ophthalmologists, group of ophthalmologists, ophthalmology clinics, ambulatory centres for surgeries, and hospital. By hiring us, you are sure to save all your operational cost by a big margin.

Our services cover medical billing for all the procedures and treatment given by Ophthalmology speciality.

• Appointment scheduling

• Patient enrolment

• Insurance verification

• Authorization

• Coding

• Payment posting

• Account reconciliation

• Follow-ups

• Claim denial management

• Regular reporting of account receivables

• Complete revenue cycle management

• Clearing coding backlogs

The team of experienced coders and billers at Sanvill works in complete coordination with the clinics. All the procedures including visits, consultation, diagnostic procedures, surgeries, and eye examinations are coded and billed appropriately to ensure maximum revenue generation.

Why Hire Professional Ophthalmology Billing

Besides patient care, Doctors have other stresses like inefficient coders, hiring billing staff, delay and denials in claims. Sanvill attempts to eliminate all these hurdles through affordable and efficient billing services for Ophthalmology speciality.

Hiring professional services for outsourcing ophthalmology coding and billing give you guaranteed benefits.

1. Highly experienced and certified coders

2. Able to handle large volume of medical coding

3. Knowledge of appropriate codes for all the Ophthalmology procedures

4. Knowledge of all the rules and regulations

5. Efficient A/R management

6. Improved collections and faster settlements

7. 24X7 support with for patient data information

8. Affordable prices without hidden costs

9. Complete confidentiality of data

10. Regular updates and customized reporting

We use the advanced billing software for quick and efficient billing. Our clients have significantly reduced their cost of infrastructure and in-house staff. Our services in the field of ophthalmology are unparalleled in the market.

Having achieved expertise in medical billing and coding, we aim to achieve following set goals:

• Maximum reimbursements

• Quickest turnaround time

• Regular updates on receivables

• Building best patients and payers relations for ophthalmologists

• Keeping our charges affordable for cost benefits

• Work in complete compliance of the HIPAA

Sanvill knows all the ins and outs of the optometry medical billing services. All the changes in the coding and coding regulations are tracked and implemented quickly. This makes the payments faster and easier for ophthalmologists. Any bottlenecks in the claim settlements are tackled skilfully for avoiding loss and underpayments.

Outsourcing medical billing to professional billing company like Sanvill makes your practice grow abundantly. Without the stress of recruiting in-house coders, managing them and investing in software and infrastructure, you can bank on the services of Sanvill.