ENT Medical Billing and Coding

ENT care clinics offer awide variety of treatments to the patients pertaining to mild and acute ear, nose, and throat ailments. The number of diagnostic procedures and treatments are very large. It becomes difficult to manage smooth practicing for the ENT units in absence of proper billing and timely collections. Sanvill brings top-notch solutions for all ENT specialists for outsourcing ENT medical billing and coding. We are rendering excellent billing solutions and seamless flow of revenues.

Outsource your medical billing tasks to the trusted medical professionals and coders of Sanvill. The company is catering to the needs of thevast medical fraternity. All the segments of medical world are covered by our professional coding and billing services. Outsourcing of ENT medical coding and billing is now apopular way of saving lots of hassles and time for the ENT hospitals as well.

Comprehensive ENT Billing Services

One of the major concern for all ENT practitioners is receiving revenues for all the procedures and services. Any error in ENT coding and billing will mean a loss or underpayment. This can be stressful for ENT care and ENT surgical units. Our trained coders are having knowledge of all the correct ICD-10 and CPT codes.

Sanvill accurately codes all the following procedures and more than this.

• Surgical and non-surgical treatments by Otolaryngolists

• Endocrine surgical procedures

• Cleft palate

• Lip surgery

• Sleep apnea and snoring

• Allergy-related treatments

• Sinus

• Other vascular disorders

• Hearing loss

• All types of auditory disorders

• Save space, time, and money in hiring in-house ENT coding and billing staff

However, our coding and billing for ENT are not restricted to here mentioned treatments. We are expert in implementing correct codes after identifying every treatment and diagnosis. Our flexible contracts give you freedom of hiring short term or long term service contracts as per your need. We also execute backlog billing tasks.

Effective ENT Medical Billing and Coding

Sanvill billing experts make all efforts to achieve the highest level of return for the treatments and services given by ENT hospitals. Undeniable accuracy and efficient billing ensure minimum rejections of the claims.

ENT specialists have all good reasons to choose Sanvill as their billing company.

Here is what we deliver as you hire us.

• Advantage of new EMR and other advanced billing systems

• Continuously updating coding as per changes in the ENT field

• Special concerns about cardiology-related procedures including Doppler and echo

• Follow-ups

• Highest level of revenue collection and quick revenue cycle

We specialize in otolaryngology medical billing services with the highest level of efficiency. Having worked with many ENT physicians, we know all the complex coding for various procedures. Our team is tracking all the ICD-10 changes. Without any delay in cash flow, we manage all the medical billing for ENT clinics at prices that you would love.

The amount of stress, time, and cost we save for you as abundant value for your practice. With our high-end billing services, ENT specialists are able to serve the patients at the best without worrying about billing staff and systems.