Dental Coding Outsourcing in India

Sanvill provides high-end dental coding outsourcing straight from a team of highly-qualified medical coders. We excel in assigning complex dental codes accurately. We are a team of efficient coders dedicated to providing precise coding for dental practices. Our ability to produce any volume of dental and dental-medical cross coding makes us a reliable coder.

Our professional dental billing and coding services take your practice to a next level. The dental coding process is a complex procedure requiring high experience and expertise. Our coders understand all the ins and outs of the dental practices. The services of Sanvill are initiated to deliver only the first-rate results.

Dental Coding Services

The dental billing services by Sanvil takes you towards a well-managed and highly profitable dental practice. At Sanvill, the dental coding finds its place of excellence. The medical coding and billing experts cover a wide range of dental procedures in compliance with the CDT norms. We cover dental coding for all the given dental procedures.

• Diagnostic services

• Preventive dental procedures

• Restorative dental procedures

• Prosthodontics including fixed and removable

• Orthodontics

• Dental implants

• Maxillofacial prosthetics

• Oral surgeries or maxillofacial surgeries

• General medical services and tests and examinations like x-rayss

• Periodontal

The coding services for dental also cover consultations and examinations for facial and oral conditions. We also encompass facial and oral pain conditions, sleep apnea procedures, and others.

Our expert medical coders for dental practices follow the standard CDT coding and ADA. Our standard practices deliver accuracy with zero errors. Sanvill’s efficiency helps you in avoiding delayed reimbursements and denials of the claims.

Why Sanvill is Right Place for Dental Coding Outsourcing

Our highly trained staff is ready to serve round the clock to ensure optimum reimbursement to the clients. Our clients who already enjoyed our services are happy to hire us. The reasons are certain and obvious and some of them are here for your instant reference.

• We execute the highest number of error-free claims

• Minimum denials

• We reduce your operating costs

• Faster time around times to increase your revenue

• Flexible service terms including short term and long term

• Strict quality checks

• Attractive prices to ensure your competitive edge

The dental medical coding specialists at Sanvill are able to code all the diverse dental and oral procedures, laser procedures, and procedures related to trauma.

Dental Medical Cross Coding in India

Our experienced dental coders are also masters of the cross coding of dental-medical procedures. We are able to identify the dental procedures that are considered as medically necessary though not dental. We apply suitable coding to such treatments to give exceptional benefits to the dentists or dental surgeons and their patients.

We not only cover direct dental schemes but also those which are deemed medically essential due to its direct impacts on other physiological conditions.

While providing dental coding outsourcing in all over India, our sole aim is to achieve the highest dental claim reimbursement. We know we are hired to accelerate your revenues through quick and precise coding. To meet our client’s expectations, we follow the best practices standardized in dental health coding. Hiring us for dental coding and billing makes us a right choice for dental clinics, dentists, dental surgeons, dentists group, and dental hospitals.