Cardiology Medical Billing and Coding

Sanvill is leading the medical coding and billing industry with utmost expertise. The company is offering best quality cardiology medical billing and coding. The past few years have seen tremendous research and improvements in diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases. Cardiac patients are now treated and brought back to healthier life with advanced medications and surgeries.

With a rise in anumber of people receiving cardiac care, cardiologists are having a tough time to manage billing and coding. Our professional and dedicated cardiology coding and billing solutions give cardiac hospitals a reason to relax.

Medical Coding Services for Cardiologists :

Sanvill is a team of expert medical professionals with vast experience in cardiology billing and coding services. Their zero error services make Sanvill a great option for the cardiologists and cardiology hospitals. Hundreds of multi-speciality hospitals and heart hospitals are hiring Sanvill for outsourcing medical billing management.

We cover all the following segments under cardiology coding services:

• General clinical examinations

• Cardiovascular care units

• Cardiac arrest treatments centres

• Transplants and surgeries centres

• Multi-speciality hospitals with cardiology units

• Super specialty hospitals

Sanvill is known for accurate coding and billing. Our error-free services make us the first choice for heart surgeons, cardiology clinics, and multi-specialty hospitals. We also offer services for billing to the diagnostic centres performing clinical examinations and tests related to cardiology.

Why Choose Sanvill for Heart Hospital Billing and Coding

We specialize in cardiology billing and coding services equipped with advanced billing software. Our tasks attract almost zero denials. With accurate coding and billing, we make medical reimbursements for cardiology units exceptionally quick.

There are certain obvious reasons why Sanvill is able to serve better:

• Sanvill coders are well-qualified and experienced

• Every billing and claims are carried out with utmost accuracy

• Assurance of error-free tasks for minimum denials

• The team at Sanvill knows all cardiology CPT codes that should not be linked with modifier 51

• We know all the added codes of echo cardiology section that identify ECGs for confirmed congenital cardiac problems

• Non congenital processes are reported with a single coding

• Accurate cardiac catheterization procedures coding

Our services let you reap benefits of faster reimbursements and increased productivity. Without investment and infrastructure of hiring in-house coders, you have easy access to highly efficient coding and billing services.

Comprehensive Cardiology Billing and Coding

The coders at Sanvill are able to identify detailed surgeries, approach, devices used, and qualifiers. Hence, correct coding and billing are executed for all the below cardiology treatments and examinations.

• Electrocardiogram

• Echocardiogram

• Angiography

• Angioplasty

• Cardiovascular magnetic resonance

• Biventricular pacing

• Carotid artery ultrasound

• Nuclear imaging (Dobutamine)

• Carotid artery ultrasound test

• Catheterization (cardiac)

• Nuclear cardiology tests

• Stent treatment

• Pacemaker implantation

With the advancement in cardiac ailment diagnosis and treatments, we quickly update ourselves. We know what ICD-10 coding is updated and how to implement them

The medical cardiology solutions provided by delivering highly efficient and accurate output. The services cover coding, billing, claim denial management, regulatory compliances, and following insurance companies.

Our billing services cover all the records of the patients and treatments precisely. Demographic details, patient scheduling, claims billing, payment posting, collection, and reconciliation of accounts are all covered and maintained. We work on efficient and reputed billing software specially designed for hospitals to ensure high accuracy.